20th March 20, 2018: From one episode to another, since May 2013, Art of giving has been constantly spreading happiness amongst the underprivileged. For a country that is about to top the World’s largest Population, it is in desperate need of a start that will survive. Art Of Giving undoubtedly has proved its ability of survival and rise amongst a larger audience to serve this nation, selflessly and wholeheartedly.
Introducing the new #pyaarbharapack gives the needy ones an experience to “taste happiness”. The initiative involves feeding a wholesome nutritious meal to 200 underprivileged kids served by the restaurant from and around Patia and other parts of Bhubaneswar. Kids from deprived bustees of the town are invited to Sandy’s Tower which happens to be the venue for the initiative. Menu spreading from across biryani to dishes of chicken to chinese and desserts were served to the kids.
To make the process pragmatic the kids were handed over fake currency which they traded over food, giving them the experience of visiting a restaurant, ordering and getting a sumptuous meal.The hustle in the hall, the bliss in the eyes of the kids and hope in their hearts deserves a commitment of encouragement for the underprivileged to have the abilities and sources to rise.
This one-day initiative helps the underprivileged ones have a meal of emotion. Food becomes driving force and Taste- the ambition and fulfillment of paying their own meals inflict empathy. Empathy can drive the indigent to rise and serve. It aims at empowering the poor making them an effective agent of change. The greatest example of this would be Prof. Achyuta Samantha who serves a picture of ambition in everyone’s mind despite being deprived of it since his childhood days. AOG, through small acts of giving, spreads the philosophy of love, care, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, skills, and talent.
Prof Samanta, Founder of Art of Giving Philosophy and the main motivating force behind the event is also the inspiration behind this mission. “One need not be very rich to give something back to the society, rather one must be poor to know the luxury of giving”. said Prof. Samanta.
For the giver, it is a form of self-delight whilst for the inheritor, it is a matter of experience. The idea was to motivate the givers, inheritors and the witnesses that there is a future to be promised because we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.


Art of Giving#PyaarBharaPack