Art of Giving

Art of Giving - Empowers life

Art of Giving" is rather a way of life. The bliss of giving cannot be received through teaching. It has to be felt and realized at one’s deeper emotional levels and that is why it is regarded as one of the most revered human virtues. Mythologies suggest that even before Paleolithic man accidentally discovered fire, there was someone who in order to provide happiness to the human world had sacrificed his own peace and pleasure. Prometheus, the Titan, from the Greek world, had stolen fire from the gods to facilitate humans overcoming their misery.

Prometheus' successful efforts to pass on the secret of fire to humanity had angered Zeus so much that he had punished Prometheus with eternal torture. This passing of the knowledge and experience of fire is interpreted as furnishing down the secrets of the knowledge of creation. This kind of self transcendence have always paved the way for human life enrichment and for creation of a better world to live in

Art of Giving resides in such altars of sacrifice where the self is forever dedicated for the common benefit without any expectations. But nurturing such goodwill for the world in general is not always taken kindly, as is evident from the punishment that was meted out to Prometheus.

Knowledge is powerful. Knowledge is a tool that empowers and also teaches to control and manipulate. Thus, exchange of knowledge eventually becomes a political battlefield. Knowledge acts as a medium as well as a political device and that is why it should be disseminated and made available for the smooth functioning of the society.

Both giving and knowledge are intertwined. They both sow seeds of spiritual development within the human beings. When the right spirit of the art of giving is mastered, both the giver and the receiver experience bliss at the core. Giving is not just about dissemination of tangible properties but also encompasses sharing of intangible kernels of knowledge. The Art of Giving lies in this moving beyond individual preferences and contributing to the greater integrity of the humanity which will lay the foundation stone for the progress of the entire humanity and liberation of people from their self destructive egos.