#AOG2021 – Road to Happiness

Concept Note

Very often in our quest for happiness, we look outside. We think that if we could gather this and that, then we would be happy. However, our control over the outer world is limited, temporary, and often illusory. So, what if one of the things that we think we need in order to be happy is missing? Then it all collapses. If we look inside, instead of looking outside of ourselves, we realize that it’s the mind that translates the outer conditions into happiness or suffering. And our mind becomes happy when we make others happy. The road to your happiness is via happiness of others.

Believing in this concept, Art of Giving family in 2021, will try to construct this road to happiness by making others happy. It can be by giving material things or just in terms of some sweet word, advice, suggestion, gratitude, patient listening.

Giving is the most satisfying source of true happiness, the meaning of life, the source of the greatest emotional and psychological returns.

It’s the best way to recover from the worst tragedies, even from the grief of losing a loved one. It’s a greater pleasure than the creation of wealth, the most direct route to happiness, which neither money nor career success can provide. So, this 17th May, International Day of Art of Giving, create the road to happiness by Giving, without an expectation of return.

Road to Happiness Guidelines

The Convener / Associate Convener will arrange an event in the name and style #RoadToHappines. This activity aims to promote giving and kindness for the International Day of Art Of Giving on 17 May 2021.

The following guidelines are to be adhered to in this regard:

  1. The givers should explain the idea, meaning and concept of Art of Giving and make donation.
  2. Sanitation essentials like soaps, sanitisers, masks or vitamin supplements can be given to the needy. You can also give dry ration, food supply for a day, week or month depending on the capacity and willingness to give.
  3. We are requesting for no mass gathering. However, small groups of not more than 20 people can gather and celebrate AOG anniversary and organise giving after the event. However, this is subjected to Covid-19 norms at that point of time.
  4. The venue of the event may be an educational institution that has provided consent. In case it is not available, it can be under a tree, in a garden, community centre, an open public/private space, or an auditorium considering the size of the gathering. If the event is being held in an open space or in a room where no seating facility is available adequate chairs/seating may be arranged. The meeting venue should have a banner that can be downloaded from the website. It will be great if the facility for Video projection and audio broadcast facility for the screening of videos as mentioned below.

Video-1: Theme Video (Coming Soon)

Video-2: Art of Giving Signature Video

  1. The Convener shall deliver the welcome and introductory address and will read out the brief information about the Founder and explain the children the motive behind road to happiness.
  2. Please send the videos and the pictures on [email protected] the same day. You can also send the pictures on our FB Message box and upload from your timeline with the #AOG.

Should any further clarification be required the following person may be contacted.

Mr. Rajshekhar Laha – +91 98616 57777

Road to Happiness – #AOG2021