Art of Giving

“Art of Giving” as a Spiritual Practice

This article elucidates that all things are ephemeral and perishable in this world but the divine bliss achieved through regular spiritual practice. Besides meditation, a much-practiced thing for spiritual development, this article also explores the art of giving as a means to attain spiritual bliss.  The objective of linking spirituality with "Art of Giving" is to emphasize the need for practicing the art of Giving by cultivating faith, love, nurturing good manners and a socially relevant disposition at all times.

One of the greatest spiritual leaders of India, the Saint Kabir, always used to counsel, "You are like a traveler who comes and goes. You accumulate wealth and take pride in your riches. But, when you leave, you take nothing with you. You came into this world with your fists clenched, but when you will go, your hands shall remain open. Therefore, wake up from your slumber; adopt an attitude of dispassion: and make the best of the priceless human birth you have attained by delving deep into the innermost chambers of your heart through meditation and realizing the eternal self.”

However, meditation may not be the only means to attain bliss. One can also attain spiritual awakening by bearing a sound attitude towards the things and subjects around them. It follows that spiritual pursuit should involve our mind rather than our body. Thus, one may not have to become an ascetic always to accomplish personal peace and happiness. One can continue to live a normal life and do all that seem necessary in every situation and yet be spiritual by imbibing the art of giving.

Seeking peace, love and happiness are deep-rooted innate nature at the core of all human beings.  Nothing connects to this core like giving does. The art of giving is synonymous with the art of sharing happiness. The art of giving is all about ego-less giving and giving that leads to the release of strong vibes of happiness between the giver and the receiver.

We can grow our spiritual development through the practice of the art of giving- helping or giving to others, donating to charity, or even volunteering a service. It can also be developed by offering our skills with utmost sincerity and dedication to those who need them. Being more generous in our actions, behaviors and personality will help in growing our personal spiritual development.