Art of Giving 2020

Message from the Founder

As we are navigating through the Coronavirus Pandemic and uncertainties, this year on 17 May, International Day of Art of Giving, we request you to pray for those who lost their battle against the virus and those who are at frontline helping us fight. I request the members of AOG to not go for any celebration or gathering and follow the Government Advisory.

However, one can, if ones so wishes, give some dry food items/groceries, sanitisers, soaps, masks to the needy. Remember not to forget the norms of social distancing. Stay safe. Our theme of Go Green and Green Dialogue will resume as the virus subsides. Stay Strong.

– Achyuta Samanta

  • No celebration or gathering
  • Donate dry food items, groceries, essentials like masks, soap and sanitisers to the needy
  • Pray for the deceased
  • Stand in solidarity with the Corona Warriors

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Art of Giving 2020