11th Anniversary of Art of Giving Day

People’s Participation.


June 2024

As we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Art of Giving, we reflect on a decade of unwavering generosity, compassion, and community spirit that has touched countless lives across the globe. Founded by visionary educationist and humanitarian Prof. Achyuta Samanta on May 17, 2013, the Art of Giving has grown into a global movement, promoting peace and harmony through selfless acts of kindness. This milestone marks not just years, but a legacy of spreading joy and support to those in need, proving that every small act of giving creates a ripple of positive change. Join us in commemorating this special occasion by participating in Let’s AOG 2024, and let’s continue to make a difference together.

Global Celebration Map


  • 6 Continents
  • 220+ Countries
  • 10000 Locations


  • 28 States
  • 4 UTIs
  • 5000 locations
  • 200 cities and towns


  • 30 districts
  • 25 major Cities and Towns
  • 300+ Blocks
  • 6600 + Gram Panchayats
  • 10,000 locations

People Involved

Sports Associations abroad, in India and Odisha
Civil Society Organisations
Odia Associations Abroad
Embassies in New Delhi
Youth Clubs
India Youth Volunteers
500 + Corporate Organisations
500 + Schools
50 Universities in India
15 Universities abroad
100 Colleges
100 + Hotels and Restaurants
100 + Hospitals and Health Care Centres
Gyms and Wellness Centres
Ration Shops and Street Vendors

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AOG 2024 theme

Let’s AOG

The theme for the 2024 Art of Giving Day celebration is “Let’s AOG.” This theme is a call to action for everyone to participate actively in the spirit of giving. It emphasizes the importance of community involvement and collective generosity in making a significant impact. By coming together and giving selflessly, we can create a ripple effect of kindness and compassion that touches lives far and wide. Let’s AOG encourages everyone to join hands, contribute in their own unique ways, and help build a more empathetic and connected world. Celebrate with us on 17th June 2024 and be a part of this inspiring movement.

Join Us in Celebrating on 17th June 2024

How Can You Participate?

  • Offer Food or Coffee

    Share a meal or a cup of coffee with someone in need. This simple act of kindness can brighten their day and show them they are valued.

  • Organise a Community Gathering

    Host a gathering with friends, family, or community members to share a meal. It’s a wonderful way to foster connections and create a sense of belonging within your local community.

  • Celebrate with Diverse Groups:

    Plan an event where you can bring together either common people or elite members of the community. Share breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even tea and snacks. Use this opportunity to spread the message of giving and build stronger bonds across different social groups.

  • Spend Time with the Elderly

    Visit elderly individuals or those in your community who may feel isolated. Your companionship and attention can bring them immense joy and comfort.

  • Gift Essentials

    Contribute books, clothes, or other essentials to those in your community who need them. Your gifts can provide much-needed support and show your care and consideration.

  • Help a Neighbour

    Offer to assist a neighbour with daily chores. Whether it’s running errands or helping with household tasks, your help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Create Moments of Joy

    Take someone who helps you daily, such as your housemaid or a local vendor, out for a drive or a movie. Create memories that they will cherish.

Share Your Acts of Giving

We would love to see how you celebrate Let’s AOG 2024! Share your photos and stories with us by emailing [email protected]. Include your name, contact details, and the names of any friends or family who joined you in your acts of giving. Your stories will inspire others to participate and spread the message of the Art of Giving.
Spread awareness about the movement on social media. Use the hashtag #LetsAOG2024 and encourage others to join the celebration.

Contribute to a Global Movement

Invite your friends, family, and community to join in the celebrations. Encourage them to participate in acts of giving and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #LetsAOG2024. Together, we can amplify the impact of our collective efforts.

Why Participate?


Each act of giving, no matter how small, contributes to spreading kindness.


Helps build a more compassionate and connected community.

Positive Change

Creates a ripple effect of positive change.

Let’s make Let’s AOG 2024 the most memorable and impactful celebration yet. Your participation can make a world of difference. Together, we can spread joy, kindness, and compassion far and wide.

Founder’s Message

I realised that everything I practised and achieved in my life revolved around the Art of Giving. My life can be summarised in three words: Art of Giving. From the days when I had nothing and relied on the kindness of others, to the struggles of becoming self-made and establishing not one, but two dream institutions, to the times of accomplishment where I could have indulged in worldly pleasures but chose to live a disciplined, simple, and sacrificial life – my life revolves around the Art of Giving. The message is clear and simple – love one and all to lead a beautiful life for yourself, your community, and as part of a larger ecosystem.

As we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Art of Giving, I invite you all to join us in this noble endeavour. This year’s theme, “Let’s AOG,” is a call to action for everyone to participate actively in the spirit of giving. Together, we can create a ripple effect of kindness and compassion, making a significant impact on society.

AoG celebrates people’s participation and has become a true people’s movement. I hope you will celebrate the 11th edition of AOG on 17th June 2024 in any form that suits you. Whether you gather with 20, 50, or even 200 people, share a meal, and spread the message of giving. Please send the number of participants and their contact details so we can extend our thanks and membership letters. Remember, AoG can be celebrated by anyone, regardless of caste, creed, religion, or gender, from ages 5 to 95.

Due to the ongoing Model Code of Conduct for the 2024 General Elections, we will celebrate Art of Giving Day on 17th June instead of 17th May this year. This change allows us to honour our commitment to spreading joy and generosity without any disruptions.

Let’s come together, give selflessly, and continue to build a world filled with love, peace, and harmony.

Prof. Achyuta Samanta,
Founder, KIIT, KISS, AOG


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