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  • Chapters are forums formed with the authority and directions granted by Art of Giving and are constituted with about 10 members. A chapter can be started with a minimum of 10 Art of Giving Keepers. Art of Giving Keepers simply takes a pledge to promote peace and happiness in the world through their acts and activities.
  • Each Chapter shall be christened as AOG Center. The center doesn’t limit itself to territorial structure. It can operate under tree shade or a room in an apartment or a building. It is all about members of the Chapter meeting and spreading the message of peace and happiness.
  • The Chapter may have a convenor who is responsible to summon the meetings every week. It is also the duty of the convener to enroll the members who are interested in this philosophy. He/she is the joining link between the Head Quarters of Art of Giving at Bhubaneswar and the Center and implement the activities as requested by the Head Quarters. He/She is responsible to make more and more people aware about this philosophy, both physically and online and conduct membership drives.
  • The chapter convenor can nominate an Associate Convenor if required.
  • A Chapter has a Convener and a Co-Convener appointed by the Head Quarters. The normal tenure of the Convenors, Co-Convenors and the Executive Committees shall be of three (3) years, with further extensions if necessary. The Chapters Division may bring about a change of Convenor, Co-Convenor or Executive Committee Member at any time if circumstances so warrant.
  • Chapter can adopt a flexible approach in its internal structuring as long it does not dilute its legal and financial accountability.

The Head Quarters coordinates and facilitates the work and activities of all Art of Giving Chapters and acts as an interconnecting bridge. Comprehensive instructions in the form of Guidelines for Chapters shall be provided by Head Quarters. These Guidelines read in conjunction with the Art of Giving Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations for a smooth and proper functioning of an Art of  Giving Chapter.

  • Hold regular Chapter meetings and up-date members on issues and activities.
  • Enroll members of quality and repute, dedicated to conservation.
  • Take-up listing works in areas not taken up earlier.
  • Conduct AOG camps for promoting happiness. These campaigns can be online or offline.
  • Maintain proper database of the members and the keepers.
  • Send Quarterly financial & physical progress reports
  • Pledge to uphold ethical values and maintain integrity in all dealings as an AOG Convenor
  • Misuse the name and logo of Art of Giving for personal gain.
  • Use the Art of Giving name and logo for non relevant issues and activities.
  • Enter into Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement/Contracts without the proper approval
  • Do not directly send project proposal for foreign sponsorship (under FCRA) or receive fund directly as such
  • Do not undertake works in jurisdiction of other Chapters without reference to the State Convener & approval of Headqaurters
  • Do not take recourse of law/Court without consultation/approval/ authorization from the Central Office and send complete case & documents to render appropriate advise and course of action

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