Healthcare workers- The warrior’s Art Of Giving

Last year has been a tough battle for all of us which continues to be so till now. The world has taken tectonic shifts in sectors of all kind of businesses. But some people helped us survive and fight the pandemic- The healthcare workers.

Word of thanks can’t justify the range of work that the healthcare warriors, who are at the frontline, fighting the war against COVID-19 have achieved for us. Their sacrifices, especially during tough times gone by are boundless.

When businesses, educational institutions and even places of worship were all shut across the country and the globe, doctors, healthcare workers, and medical staff members are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front. These warriors put their own life at risk to save the lives of others, truly becoming our heroes.

The warriors performed the ultimate “Art of Giving” by risking their own lives and cutting themselves off from their families and friends. In some unfortunate cases, many healthcare workers have even sacrificed their own lives in the line of duty.

But this selflessness could only delay the virus not stop it. The entire Art of Giving community and the country should focus on doing their duty of following COVID19 protocols. Additionally, the government and world leaders can work towards advancement in medical research and technology. Nothing will be a greater tribute to the healthcare workers than this.

Till then, the Art of Giving community will dedicatedly work towards highlight the heroic efforts of some courageous and inspiring doctors from across the globe who lost their lives while saving the lives of COVID-19 patients and contribute whatever we can.

Healthcare workers- The warrior’s Art Of Giving