Mega Plantation Drive

KIIT & KISS community Give back to the environment, Post Cyclone Fani:

The Cyclone Fani on May 3 hit Odisha with over 200 km/hr causing large scale devastation. The estimated cost of loss was ₹11,942 crore. The cyclone affected 1.6 crore people in 18,388 villages and 51 towns in 14 districts of Odisha.

The destruction of Fani did not even spare the trees of the coastal districts in Odisha. More than 10 million trees were uprooted with an equal number of trees damaged in the extremely severe cyclone.

As Odisha Govt and several other channels of help were done, KIIT & KISS community in a generous “Art of Giving” gave back the environment what the cyclone had took.

Both the communities and their Founder Prof Achyuta Samanta lead a “plantation” drive where every staff member took the initiative of planting a tree and making sure of its survival.

All the staff of KIIT and KISS were given a sapling which they will plant and nurture, like a parent. 50,000 saplings are ready to give what the cyclone had taken away. This feat explains that “Art of giving” doesn’t just apply for humans and animals but the greater good of the environment.

Mega Plantation Drive