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Celebration of 3rd Anniversary of Art of Giving KISS CHILDREN EMBRACE STREET CHILDREN- AN UNMATCHED EXPRESSION OF COMPASSION AND EMPATHY The Art of Giving was launched in All India Managers Level Workshop of SIDBI on 31st July 2015. The Launch of "Art of Giving" by Prof. Achyuta Samanta at various embassies in New Delhi on 17th and 18th of June 2015... Global Celebrations mark the 2nd Anniversary of Art of Giving Art of Giving launched by Dr. Achyuta Samanta at Keonjhar & Balasore Art of Giving launched by Dr. Achyuta Samanta at Rotasia Kalinga 2015 Launching of Art of Giving in Japan Art of Giving launched by Dr. Achyuta Samanta at Indira Gandhi IFS Training Centre, Dehradun Art of Giving launched by Dr. Achyuta Samanta at Mangal Mantap Hall, S-VYASA University, Bengaluru Their Smiles tell the Story - Rotary News India Launching of Art of Giving in Srinagar on 3rd June 2014 Launching of Art of Giving in Jammu First Anniversary of Art of Giving Celebrated at KIIT "Art of Giving" launched at Jessore, Bangladesh "Art of Giving" launched in Seoul, South Korea Hon'ble Founder, KIIT & KISS launches "Art of Giving" in Kolkata on 18 April 2014 and Bangalore on 4 April 2014. "Art of Giving" launched internationally in Bangladesh & Kyrgyzstan.


Art of Giving is all about creating unconditional, unlimited and sustainable abundance of love, peace, happiness and contentment for others through gestures of love, kindness and generosity.

I am delighted to learn that students of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences have successfully continued the legacy of academic excellence as is evident from just-published results of the 12th Board Exam of Council of Higher Secondary Education of Government of Odisha.

Hundred percent ‘pass’ results as against state's overall 76% pass results vindicate the high impetus given to academic rigor at the institute. A large majority of the students have passed with meritorious percentages (first division); this shows the inherent academic talent of the tribal students.

It gives me great personal satisfaction reminiscing about my own epiphany, the Art of Giving which seems to have surely borne unblemished fruits of happiness and personal satisfaction in these tribal children. I congratulate each of these graduating students and wish them a bright academic career ahead.

(Achyuta Samanta)
Founder - KIIT & KISS

(Philosophy of Life)

One need not to be very rich to give something back to the society, rather one must be poor to know the luxury of giving. Charity is an important tenet in every religion because compassion is essential for every human being. ‘Daan’ in Hinduism and Buddhism, ‘tithe’ in Christianity and ‘Zakat’ in Islam uphold the philosophy of giving. One must understand that “Happiness does not result from what we get, but from what we give.” Giving is not always giving only material goods which are just one form of generosity. It is rather an attitude for “Being kind, attentive and honest in dealing with others; offering praises where it is due; giving comfort and advice where needed and simply sharing with some one – all these are forms of generosity and these do not require any particular level of material wealth.” That is what we mean by ‘Art of Giving’. Let the ‘Art of Giving’ as a value be inculcated in every heart, because we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Achyuta Samanta
Hon'ble Founder, KIIT and KISS

17th May 2013
One day, in 1969, very early in the morning, about 5.00 A.M. a small boy, about 4 years old, could not understand why all of a sudden members in the family burst into a loud wail and looked crestfallen. more...

Quoting immortal words of the great saints of India, the author has tried to elucidate that all things are ephemeral and perishable in this world but the divine bliss achieved through regular spiritual practice....


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Ms. Raageshwari Loomba
Singer, Actress,VJ, Model, Television Presenter and Yoga Expert.

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Mr. Raghavendra Rajkumar
great Cinestar and
Superstar of Karnataka
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Ms. Atmika Patnaik
Xth Std. Student - writer, author, and
an ardent philanthropist.



"Giving education to the deprived is like giving sight to the blind."
- Shri Achyuta Samanta

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
- Albert Pike
(Author of "Above Life's Turmoil")
"He who has not learned how to be gentle, or giving, loving and happy, has learned very little, great though his book-learning and profound his acquaintance with the letter of Scripture may be"
- James Allen
(Author of "Above Life's Turmoil")
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."
- Audrey Hepburn
"The pain reflected in a mother's eyes noticing how much her son suffers brings us to fight to give wellness that allows us of thinking and hoping for a hopeful life and a better future."
- Paul Chehade
(Author of "Above Life's Turmoil")
"Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of thyself."
- Wilfred A. Peterson
"Have goodwill to all that lives, letting unkindness die, and greed and wrath, so that your lives be made like soft airs passing by."
- James Allen

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